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We offer swift specialist installation of the latest technology in renewable power and energy-efficient performance.

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We have experience across all possible funding options for your renewable projects and work with select and highly regarded partners across the renewable financing space. The core options available are explained below

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Is my business or building suitable for green energy technology?

Yes! We are yet to find a business or building that cannot benefit from green energy technology! We have undertaken projects across many use cases SME offices, residential tower blocks, warehouses, factories and schools/universities. Our aim is to understand your needs and propose solutions that reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills.

They can be used to power industrial processes and offices sufficiently and efficiently. Solar PV installation is a brilliant way of decarbonising your business whilst lowering energy costs.

2Is planning permission required for any work?

Planning permission varies depending on the specific scope of the project. Typically, for simple rooftop solar installations, planning permission is not required. On larger/more complex projects planning consent may be required. The good news is that our team of experts can work any planning and pre-consents that may be needed on your behalf.

3Are there any government incentives or grants available to support my green energy projects?

The government funding available for green energy projects is dynamic and can be complex. Factors such as nature of your business, scope of the project may play a role in obtaining any grant or funding (if funding is available). Avrenim can help you understand what funding may be available to you based on your business needs and project scope.

4Are initial assessments free?

Initial proposals for simple projects (e.g. a rooftop solar array and battery storage on a warehouse) are free of charge. We call this a “desktop proposal”. For much more complex projects we can propose a design fee where we can undertake design works on your behalf up to RIBA stage 4.

5Does your business have to own the site in order to install renewable energy sources or make energy efficiency changes?

It depends. If you are a long term tenant, often landlords are happy for you to install energy saving technology, but the terms of your lease must be understood. We can help you understand your options and even work together with you and your landlord to ensure as smooth a project as possible.

Why Avrenim Energy

At Avrenim Energy, we are dedicated to revolutionising the eco-energy landscape. Learn more about our passionate team and the values that drive us.


Our commitment to safety ensures our services are carried out with the utmost care to the benefit of our team, their families and customers in our sustainability journey.


Our team is committed to delivering value to our customers by actively tailoring our sustainability services to the utmost cost effectiveness unique to your business.


Our aim to exceed customer expectations drive us to deliver services of the utmost quality at all times, wherever possible.


Our goal as an organisation is to aid in the decarbonisation of businesses and help achieve NetZero goals in the UK by 2050.

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